The 27th Annual Ride for the Pass is On!

The 27th Annual Ride for the Pass is On!

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 04/15/21

Dust off your road bikes because the annual Ride for the Pass race is back on for 2021. This will be the 27th annual event hosted by the Independence Pass Foundation. Last year was a little unique without the physical bike race. However, they did host a virtual “Ride Retrospective” contest online. People were able to share their memories and photos from past rides. To get a feel for the event, I recommend checking out some of these great old images in the 2020 Ride for the Pass Archive.

As fun as photos can be, nothing can compare to the actual race that has been held every May since the tradition started in 1994. The Pitkin County Covid-19 dial now at yellow, allowing the race to happen again on Saturday, May 22!

Race Information

The 2021 Ride for the Pass will be limited to 175 riders and we won’t have the big party they usually have, but we will take what we can get after such a difficult past 13 months in Aspen. Cyclists of all ages and skill levels are invited to ride through the beautiful Independence Pass. Riders will have three different race entry options:

  1. Full 10-mile course—A timed 2,300’ vertical ride to the ghost town of Independence
  2. Family-friendly 2-mile course—untimed 500’ vertical ride to Weller Lake
  3. E-Bike option—untimed with pedal-assist only

The race essentially has two finish lines. Recreational riders will finish at the Weller Lake turnout, while the full-course racers will end at the Independence ghost town. E-Bike riders will not be eligible for prizes, but can start 15 minutes after the timed riders to complete the full scenic uphill course. Due to Covid precautions, each rider will be assigned to a wave. Each wave will contain 20 riders who are properly spaced for improved social distancing. Each wave will start in 1-minute intervals. The winning time for the full 10-mile course is usually around 40 minutes, with all riders usually finished in less than two hours.

Great Prizes and Generous Sponsors

There will be fantastic prices for all category winners and a grand prize of a $500 gift certificate to Basalt Bike & Ski that will go to one lucky raffle winner! Be sure and visit the official Ride for the Pass page to view all the event sponsors who are helping make this year’s race happen.

Registration Details

Registration for the 2021 Ride for the Pass is scheduled to open on April 22 at 6:00 MST. Check the event registration page for more updates and details.

I hope to see many of you out here for the 27th Annual Ride for the Pass!


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