Aspen Has Fly Fishing in Every Season

Aspen Has Fly Fishing in Every Season

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 05/19/22

Some places only allow fishing during certain seasons, but that’s not the case in Aspen. We are blessed with a year-round fishery here in the Roaring Fork Valley, with many great fly fishing hot spots throughout the area’s vast network of rivers and streams. In fact, right now in early March is one of the best times of year to pull up your waders and pull in some big trout.

Local businesses like Aspen Flyfishing and Aspen Outfitting Company offer fishing gear, education and guided trips.

Here is what you can expect from the fly fishing in each of Aspen’s four seasons:


People may not think winter is a great time for fly fishing, but it’s actually a great time for it. A majority of the fish move to the slow, deeper areas. They are more concentrated in smaller areas and the fishing can be a little easier. Trout are cold-blooded. They are most active during the late morning and afternoon when it is warmest out. They are also hungry this time of year when other food sources are scarce, so they are ready to attack those flies!


Perhaps the best fly fishing in the Roaring Fork Valley can be experienced from March through May. The weather is warming up. The ice and snow are just beginning to melt and send more water down the mountain streams and rivers. This is the time of year when the insects that our trout like to eat (midges and mayflies) are starting to hatch. This always makes for great fly fishing conditions.


Once the weather is at its warmest, we see more fly fisherman (and fisherwomen, of course) visiting the Roaring Fork Valley. The melted snow is running off the mountains at full force. It’s best to go fishing in the mornings and early afternoons during the summer season. If you prefer float fishing over fly fishing, the first three weeks of July are usually incredible.


Though probably our least active season for fly fishing, the avid outdoorspeople still love to get out on the water and cast their flies. The weather is starting to cool down again as we settle in for winter snow season. It’s nice to go out in the middle of an autumn afternoon for some fishing, especially when the blue-winged olive mayfly hatches are happening and the trout are feasting.

There are so many wonderful outdoor activities to enjoy in Aspen all year round. Fly fishing is just one of the best adventures that can be done in all four seasons.


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