Information on Pitkin County COVID-19 Travel Regulations

Information on Pitkin County COVID-19 Travel Regulations

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 12/11/20

Pitkin County has released its updated travel regulations and information for people visiting the Aspen area during the 2020-2021 winter season. With COVID-19 still a threat until vaccines are widely released, the county and cities throughout the Roaring Fork Valley are doing everything possible to safely allow winter visitors and promote our excellent seasonal activities.

Here’s what you need to know if traveling to Aspen/Snowmass this winter:

First, all visitors to Pitkin County over the age of 10 will be required to sign a Traveler Affidavit. This applies to all non-resident Aspen homeowners and seasonal visitors who are entering Pitkin County. This new regulation goes into effect on Monday, December 14, 2020. This is being done to protect local residents, homeowners, guests and workers and to hopefully minimize the potential spread of coronavirus during our busiest season of the year (which just happens to coincide with cold and flu season).

Specific Travel Regulations

If you are returning to Aspen, you will be asked to comply with the following regulations:

  1. You must complete the Traveler Affidavit prior to your arrival to Pitkin County. This includes showing a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered within 72 hours of your arrival.
  2. You must be symptom-free for at least 10 days prior to your arrival.
  3. You must quarantine for at least 10 days if you have not completed a COVID-19 test as requested. If you have taken a test and are still waiting for the results, you will be required to quarantine until a negative test result comes in.

The CDC recommends getting tested 1-3 days prior to travel and reducing any non-essential activities for a full 7 days after your travel.

Violations and Exemptions

These rules sound strict, but they are pretty consistent with regulations that other seasonal resort communities are enacting to operate as safely as possible. Any violations of this Pitkin County Public Health Order may result in a $5,000 fine.

There are a few exemptions to this new order:

  • People commuting for work or school (essential activities)
  • Workers providing critical infrastructure services
  • Patients who are seeking or receiving medical treatment at local hospitals
  • Military personnel visiting on authorized federal or state military orders

Complete the Traveler Affidavit form here and click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we’re having to do some things a little differently this year, it is going to be a great ski season. I hope everyone stays safe, happy and healthy during the holidays!


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