How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space

How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 06/10/21

Working from home has been a rapidly growing trend for the past decade or more. Technology allows us to stay more connected from wherever we are. The pandemic made it a requirement for many people to work and attend classes from home. Even as some people have gone back to their offices and schools, many are still working remotely either full-time or part-time.

The need for a good home office is a trend that is not going anywhere. In fact, many of today’s home buyers are looking for dedicated home office and homework/classroom space—in addition to home gyms and other features that allow homeowners to complete more daily activities without leaving home.

If you rushed this past year to get a working space in together and it isn’t feeling quite right, here are some simple tips to help you create a better home office space.

Dedicate the Space

The first thing that you have to do is find a good space to set up a home office and then dedicate that space for work or school use. It may be an entire room or repurposing attic space, the basement or a nook in a larger room. Just utilize that space as your home office and nothing else. If your home office area feels too much like part of your normal living space, it’s hard to separate work from relaxation. A more dedicated spot will help you stay more focused and motivated.

Make it Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

Now that you have a good space for your home office, you want to make it a comfortable place to get work done. However, don’t make it too comfortable or cozy. I find that lighting and sound can create an uptick in my productivity. Tap into the use of LED lights or put music on (or noise-cancelling headphones)—whatever helps you to focus or to feel motivated.

Design it Around Your Day

Think about your routine and design the office space to help you make the most of your work time.  Is everything organized the way you want it? Do you have water, coffee, tea and whatever else you need to work in the time blocks that you like to work in? Are you set up with the backdrop that you want when you need to jump on a Zoom call? What space in the room has the best lighting or windows?

Personalize It

Make your home office a special place in the house that feels like your own. Decorate it the way you like it. If you have multiple people working from home or kids needing space for school work, try to designate your own personal work spaces throughout the house so you can all focus on your own things and not be in each other’s way. If you are sharing one home office area with family members, make a clear schedule so that everyone knows when it’s their time to use the room.

Keep it Clean and Organized

It can be hard to stay focused on your work when your work space is a mess. Keep your home office clean, properly sanitized and organized.

Time to Upgrade

Take a look at all your home office equipment (computer/laptop, desk, lighting, phone, webcam, microphone, modem, etc.) and see if it’s time to upgrade anything. This is an especially good idea if you know you are going to be working from home a lot. Get rid of things you don’t need and buy new equipment if you think it will help you be more productive.

Consider Moving

Now that we have all spent more time at home over the last year we may have realized that our current houses or condos just don’t meet our needs for workspace or other more. It might be time to move to a new place that has the features you want and need.

These are just a few tips to consider when looking to create the perfect home office space. It’s never too late to get more organized and improve your remote work or schooling environment.


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