Connecting to the Aspen Idea of “Mind, Body & Spirit”

Connecting to the Aspen Idea of “Mind, Body & Spirit”

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 03/27/20

Things to Do While in Self-Quarantine

Whether you are in Aspen now or perhaps in another city wishing you were in Aspen, here are some ways to bring the “Aspen Idea” of renewing the mind, body and spirit to you!


If you or a loved one want to bask in the natural beauty of Aspen or experience a virtual change of scenery, visit Aspen in 360. Stunning 360-degree virtual tours of different parts of the community are available, including Downtown Aspen, East of Aspen, Arts and Culture and Open Space & Trails. It’s the best way to feel like you are there even if you can’t be there!

Looking for a quick mindfulness practice? Check out Kerrie Schur (@o2Aspen). If you are in the mood for some stress-relieving music, check out the classical music playlist from Alan Fletcher of the Aspen Music Festival and School. Ready for more intellectual stimulation? The Aspen Ideas to Go weekly podcast is a great source provided by the Aspen Institute.

For reading and writing enthusiasts, check out Aspen Words for inspiration and suggestions on books to lift your spirits. is a great place to purchase audiobooks and proceeds from your purchases will go to our local bookstore, Explore Booksellers.


Nourish your body with good food from some of my favorite local restaurateurs: Jüs Aspen, Meat & Cheese and Mawa’s Kitchen. If you can get into the habit of having Good Clean Food delivered, these locals do a great job! To keep current on which Aspen restaurants are operating, visit this link.

In my previous blog article, I talked about ways you can support local businesses throughout Aspen and Snowmass during this slow period. One of them was by attending workout and yoga classes online and through social media. Here is a recap with a few additions: Instagram Live classes are available from Pure Barre Aspen (@pbaspenlive), @thugyoga (great for Snoop Dogg fans or anyone looking for a less traditional approach), @cyclebar_aspen (requires a stationary bike), or boxing with @laceupboxingclub. If traditional yoga is more your style, Aspen Shakti also offers yoga and meditation classes on their YouTube Channel and O2 Aspen has some options on Instagram @o2Aspen.


Whatever lights you up inside and creates a feeling of connection, gratitude, purpose, expansion… I’ll let you pick the adjective that works best for you. Take the time to connect with your positive feelings in this unexpected downtime. Here are some prompts that may help you get in the mindset.

Nothing will ever compare to the real Aspen that we all know and love throughout each of the four seasons, but we will get through this! I am very grateful for all of the community members working hard to keep food available, our streets safe and clean, RFTA for keeping transportation up and running, and of course, all of the medical professionals in the community that dedicate themselves to the welfare of others!

If you have questions about real estate or things happening in the Aspen/Snowmass community. Call me anytime at (970) 366-0891 or email me at [email protected]

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