3 Tips for Hiring a Listing Broker to Sell Your Property (VIDEO)

3 Tips for Hiring a Listing Broker to Sell Your Property (VIDEO)

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 05/8/20

During my time in quarantine (pardon the boring background in the video), I made an educational short video on my YouTube channel. It features 3 simple tips that sellers can use when choosing a listing broker to sell their home. I hope you find these tips useful in deciding which real estate broker you want to represent your property.

You can check out my video below:

Here are those 3 tips, and a little more information about each of them:

Tip #1: Research the Broker’s Activity in Your Market

One of the first questions you should ask is how active the real estate broker is in your particular market. It may take a little research, but it is worth it. You’ll be able to see if they have a solid history of bringing deals to fruition. You can check out their current listings and past sales to see if they’ve done business in your neighborhood. With the internet at your fingertips and the Aspen Snowmass Board of Realtors® data cooperation agreements, this information is readily accessible.

Hiring a listing agent who knows your neighborhood, pricing trends, unique HOA regulations, limitation and other potentially beneficial factors surrounding the sale of your property will set you up for the most successful due diligence period. This will ultimately result in the sale of your home. You want to leverage this experience and knowledge in your favor.

Tip #2: Look for Effective Communication

In any real estate deal, good communication is vital. The right listing broker will have strong communication skills. They will know about current market activities and home values, and they should be able to make a convincing case for your property’s realistic resale potential. “Realistic” is an important word here because you don’t want someone who is only going to tell what you want to hear without being able to deliver a sale.

A quality broker will be able to coherently explain important information to you, quickly answer your questions, execute a targeted marketing campaign and convey the property’s key selling points to potential buyers and their agents. Just posting a listing on the MLS and waiting for buyers to show up won’t cut it. There is so much more that goes into a successful home sale. Effective communication between a listing broker, the seller, attorneys, title company, inspectors and all of the parties involved in a real estate transaction is absolutely necessary.

Tip #3: Do They Have a Good Reputation?

Before you sign your listing contract, you must understand how the broker has performed in the past. Do they have a good reputation and a proven performance record? It is really easy to find client testimonials and customer reviews through social media and online resources. You can learn so much from past clients and what they say about their experiences with certain real estate brokers.

Remember you are hiring a listing broker to represent you in a major financial transaction. Don’t hesitate to interview them for the job. Ask important questions, request references and do your due diligence in order to make the right selection. Above all else, make sure you are comfortable with them and you feel a sense of trust. If you don’t, you may end up feeling uneasy throughout the entire transaction and that’s not good for anyone.

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