Fall Season Information for Aspen and Snowmass

Fall Season Information for Aspen and Snowmass

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 10/29/21

Though a wonderful time of year to be in Aspen, the fall season is when some local businesses take a break to prepare for the busy winter season. Aspen and Snowmass draw so many visitors and seasonal residents in winter because of the world-class skiing and luxury mountain lifestyle. A few local businesses will use this time to clean up, make upgrades or simply give their staff a little breather before the winter influx begins.

Fall Restaurant Closures

I posted recently about the scheduled restaurant closures throughout Aspen. Many restaurants have already closed or will be closed for part of November, as is tradition for the fall season. Click here to see the full article.

Fall Hotel Closures

A few hotels in Aspen may also close for a brief time. The most notable is the The Little Nell, which will be closed from November 7-24. They use this time every year to do a deep cleaning and refresh the property to prepare for their winter guests. Another important issue to understand this year is that The Little Nell will be requiring all guests to be fully vaccinated starting on November 25.

Covid Restrictions

Aspen Skiing Company owns The Little Nell, along with several ski resorts, restaurants and entertainment venues in town. They will be requiring full vaccination at their hotels and full-service seated restaurants. Vaccination and mask mandates will be enforced at their indoor resort venues and gondolas, but masks will not be required for ski lift lines. Many other local businesses and resorts will be following similar procedures.

It is important to plan ahead when visiting Aspen. Whether you are coming for a few day or staying all winter long, Pitkin County has its own strict Covid-19 restrictions and individual businesses are entitled to enforce their own vaccine and mask rules. It’s a good idea to check online or ask any places you plan to visit. They may have special rules and requirements you must follow. Also, some services may be limited or not available this season. It’s wonderful to have a full ski season again this year, but we all have to do our parts to be careful and respectful of local health codes. We just have to make the best of a tough situation.

Fall Activities

If you are visiting Aspen or Snowmass this fall, there is still plenty to see and do around the Roaring Fork Valley. This is a very active time of year, especially when it comes to fishing, hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor adventures. The autumn colors are gorgeous and the weather isn’t too cold yet. It won’t be long before the snow is falling and we are shifting to the winter season for skiing, skinning, snowboarding and showshoeing.

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