Your Guide to Aspen Architecture

Your Guide to Aspen Architecture

  • Brittanie Rockhill
  • 02/17/22

One of the things that sets Aspen apart from other mountain communities is it distinctive architecture. The homes and buildings of Aspen offer a unique variety of classic and modern styles that blend beautifully with the picturesque landscape. Here are some of the most popular architectural styles you’ll find throughout Aspen and Snowmass:


Because of our skiing lifestyle, many people associate Aspen architecture with traditional Alpine chalet designs. It’s not as dominant a style as you might think around here. However, there is plenty of chalet influence with dramatic framing and roof angles. These homes show off their mountain views and offer a rustic interior structure, often with large windows and exposes beams. Many incorporate moss stone, which is a traditional building material in Aspen.


More European influence can be found throughout certain parts of Aspen when you see stunning Victorian architecture. This is a historic style that always looks great no matter what the setting, whether it’s a small hillside home or a large mountain mansion in the West End.

Pan Adobe

Counterbalancing the classic European architectural styles in Aspen, you find what is now as Pan Adobe. This is true western pioneer look, traditionally with cedar logs and low-pitched gabled roofs. Pan Adobe actually began in the 1950s, inspired by Wild West entertainment culture, bringing a revival of log cabins to areas like the Roaring Fork Valley. This style is found in many mountain lodges and vacation homes throughout town.


This is a more modern geometric style of architecture found in the Aspen area. A flat roof is a common feature, along with big brick chimneys and unique cantilevering decks. You may find a Wrightian home offers gorgeous mountain views with walls of windows and open interior spaces.


Speaking of modern architecture, Bauhaus is another distinctive approach found in Aspen. This is a style that puts function over form. It often involves a creative architect utilizing the bones of an existing structure. Even new buildings would be designed to blend in with older buildings around them. It blends a historic look with a very functional cosmopolitan design. Asymmetry and monochromatic tones are common features.

What is your favorite type of architecture in Aspen? If you are looking to buy or build a new home here, contact me today and find the mountain property of your dreams. Or, check out my featured Aspen real estate listings representing several of these different design styles.


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